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Welcome on the Massive Bull's site.

We are Toon and Christel Lenders, we live in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. In the late eighties we welcomed our first bullmastiff in our home and we fell in love with this beautiful breed. 

As with many, it never stays with one bullmastiff for long. In 1990 we registered our kennelname: v.d. Bullma Hoven. Untill 2003 we have bred bullmastiffs. We have also imported many high quality bullmastiffs to the Netherlands. The pictures in our gallery and the heritage of Bullma Hoven bullmastiffs still today proves our point.

In 2003 we decided to stop breeding bullmastiffs. Our kennelname v.d. Bullma Hoven was passed on to the Fam. Visser from Eindhoven.

In 2005 The Massive Bull's originated, this time not as a breeder, but as a studservice. We provide high quality studs for service to bullmastiff bitches of quality from the Netherlands and abroad.

Because we missed having litters, we decided to occasionally breed a litter of top quality.

In 2016 we stopped breeding bullmastiffs and our studservice.

Our kennelname refers to the type of bullmastiff that we bred. Bullmastiffs with lots of body and bone, Massivebulls. Health was very important to us. We only bred with healthy and sound  bullmastiffs. Character was a third point in our breeding goals. Social, not only towards humans, but social to the max. Throughout our years of experience with breeding bullmastiffs this was so far very succesfull.  

We will keep the website online so that the history of the v.d, Bullma Hoven & The Massivebulls will not be forgotten.



" Litterpicks from several topcombinations available "


A.M. Lenders - Nederland - +31 (0)40-2125087 / 06-42589110